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Household pest

General Household pest such as mice, rats, opossums, raccoons, and squirrels are talented HVAC destroyers. These critters can chew through almost anything, and smaller rodents can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces. They will often nest in your home’s walls or attic and use the ductwork to move from place to place. Bigger rodents are especially likely to damage the connections in your air ducts. As they move around, they can make holes in the ductwork where air can escape and add a pretty penny to your energy bill.
Cockroaches are commonly found in almost every buildings, mostly around the environment close to food and water. It is very commonly observed pest in our household. They find ideal living conditions in warm and humid surroundings available in kitchen which is commonly infested place.

Some features of cockroaches:
• Cockroaches can live for a month without food!
• Cockroaches can survive nuclear attack.
• Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal & will run away when exposed to light.
• Post often contaminates our food.
Common Misunderstanding about Bed Bugs

Bed bug Control Services in Mumbai. Bed bug infestations are at higher risk in public accommodations, hotels and cinema, This is because bed bugs can be brought home through your luggage, clothes, bags etc. The Bed Bug life cycle consist from the eggs, nymphs, to adults. At every life cycle, it is important to eradicate them with targeted treatments to ensure adequate coverage.
Lizards Control
The lizards which are found in house/office are called as house geckos. We offer Residential and commercial pest control services in Mumbai. These are small in size and pesky reptiles which feed upon insects around building premises. An effective way to get rid of lizard is by placing repellent in their path or hideout. We continue to be on top standards and serve our customers with friendly and quality service which makes us the No.1 in pest control services for lizard.
Eight legs, no wings an antenna. Some spiders found are found in basement and like moisture, crawl spaces other damp of building. Other like dry, warm area such as subfloor and vents, upper corner of rooms and attics. They hide in dark areas. Feed on insects.