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Termites cause great damage to wooden structures in residential and commercial buildings. We are also seeked by several business firms as we maintain ourselves as one of the best pest control services for termites in Mumbai. They much prefer the good stuff that your home has to offer: The wood. So your home could be experiencing extensive termite damage but your insulation could be fine, and your energy bills could be stable Termites won’t limit their path of destruction to your insulation, obviously. In addition to scheduling your yearly termite inspection near East Valley, you should also look out for the other signs of possible termite infestation. By watching for these signs, you might be able to catch the problem early and have it corrected before the damage becomes more extensive.
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Here are some of the common signs of termites in your home:
• Windows or doors that don’t open properly (or don’t open at all)
• Patterns in the floors or walls that look like mazes
• Sagging or squeaky floor boards
• Piles of termite wings, which may look like fish scales
• Buckling floor boards or laminate